Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free "telesummit" on empowering children

I came across a great resource: a Free Telesummit “What The Experts Know on Learning and Education”?  Although originally it was aired in July/August - due to an overwhelming response, Astrid Witt, host of this event, has decided to re-run the entire series!  So much valuable information was shared on what the current generation of children truly need and what conscious parents and teachers/guides can do. 

Covers topics such as:
  • What you need to succeed in life, but schools don't teach
  • How to empower your child (The results will truly surprise you)
  • How innovative schools create happy, self empowered kids 
  • Why traditional labels put on your child can become
    self-fulfilling prophecies 
  • Simple ways to change confrontation into cooperation 
  • Why fear blocks our ability to perform - and what to do about it 
  • How to cope with ADHD without drugs
  • A radical change in perception on autism         
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