Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Exploring old ideas in BRAVE new ways

I attended this amazing (to say the least) conference this past weekend!

Rethinking Everything

To get a gist on how inspired and passionate these folks are, here's a quote by Barb - the organizer of the conference.

"In my decades of rethinking everything, welcoming change and creating a haven for freedom and self-design for my children, I have come to believe that there is nothing more important or worthwhile than the unconditional nurturing of children.  If we can face our psychological baggage, let go of all we have been conditioned to believe is true about how the world works, and move toward trusting the drive present in each of us, no matter what age, that guides us to a fully alive, fully engaged state of being, then we are powerfully transforming not only ourselves but those we love and, in fact, that great big world out there - which is desperately in need of fresh ideas from those who have grown up under the life-sustaining umbrella of free-to-be, unconditional love and support..."

Time to start rethinking education... and our lives!


co-founder and change agent 

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